VIOlife Slim Sonic & Rockee

Are you the type of person who likes to stay in style with all trends and COOL gadgets!!! So I've been testing out the violife slim sonic the stylish toothbrush and I been really enjoying it, I like that is travel friendly and it also comes with a free brush head and a battery is included also so you don't have to go out your way to go buy one everything Is included in the package which is a plus for me. The bristles are soft so if you have sensitive teeth this will work perfect for you. I really wished it would of been more to medium kind of bristles I feel like soft is not for me. The color is a beautiful teal color has some sparkle to it 

Very girly. But overall my experience is very positive. And now let's talk about the rocker toothbrush that ROCKS, in this package you you get 2 additional brush heads which I thought it was cool and also the brush heads are extra soft for your little ones teeth. I think this is a cool design that fits your toddlers perfect hand and you know how they just leave their toothbrush in the counter all wet and sitting their getting all icky well this baby wobbles,spins, and rocks so no matter how hard they toss it or them just carelessly drop it this baby lands right side up all the time so it never touches the ground or the dirty counter so you know it's a win for us mom's. My son really enjoys brushing his teeth with this awesome toothbrush. All I can say is I'm one happy momma! They have all different kinds of designs for both toothbrushes and they also carry uv sanitizers for those nasty germs kids bring home from school! I will leave links to the toothbrushes and also for their website. 


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