Samples That I'm testing!

Hello my fellow bloggers 
Today I'll be talking about the products that I'll be testing or that I'm already testing out.It's all miscellaneous!!! Let's get started first product I have for you are these Star curtain string lights it has 8 Modes,12 Stars, Waterproof and Linkable String Lights with RF Remote. I put these up on my kids room and they really enjoy them. I like that it has a remote so once morning hits I can just press the button and turns them off I don't have to go all the way to the outlet and unplug it does have a timer but I really haven't figured out yet on how to do that. Next we have a Deep Bathroom Basket Shower Caddy Shelf with Suction Cups and it's Stainless Steel also. Now we have Some Mayonnaise to test out I received a coupon from PINCHme to get a full size New Heinz real mayonnaise deliciously creamy! (Ps. I love mayo)Lastly we have Downy Unstopables to test out thanks to bzzagent for sending 3 samples packs to test out (ps. i already use a one) they leave the clothes smelling amazingly good. So these are all the products ill be testing out for two weeks and hopefully i get the chance to write a blog post on time because i still have difficulties having a post every Monday. I will leave links to all the products down below as always. Till next times.


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